Episode 6 – 29 July 2015

In NSW,  the current school enrolment form asks parents whether they prefer their child to attend scripture lessons, ethics lessons or other supervised activity. Who would believe that the Premier of NSW would rule that this form must be changed so that parents will no longer be able to select ethics lessons for their children? click here and then a few days later ordered a review of prayers in schools due to concerns about extremist ideologies click here. Note that they were previously warned about dangerous religious prayer groups but did nothing as they were Christian. see here Political lobbying by Christian groups see Ron Williams video

Did someone say Jehovah?  click here  and for 8 revelations about JW from the inquiry click here.

Beware of free-trade clauses that let companies sue Australia. Guardian article  and background briefing article and McCabe Centre article and see Inside Story article and see Andrew Robb article Exporters love FTAs of course see here

Q&A Mark Coleridge gets away with murder click here

New opinion polls click here

Fiji constitution

Secular Party – Challenging religious privilege

Safe Schools program ordered to stay silent on gay marriage

FactCheck: is 50% of all income tax in Australia paid by 10% of the working population? click here

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